On 16th of April 2018 in Moorgate, The City of London we are hosting our first "Glimpse of the Future" event focusing on the topic of project control. Attend to meet with Enstoa, ShapeDo, Resolex, Turbo-Chart and ProjCon. These innovative companies are changing the way projects are being delivered. Presentations are limited to 20 minutes each after which we break into five groups allowing you to put questions to the innovators in a workshop type environment. The same format will run from 9am-12am an then from 1pm-4pm.

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We are focused on three things:
– Outsourced high tech sales driven by performance only compensation metrics
– Case study and testimonial development, and
– Project controls consultancy

Our primary vehicle for lead generation and opportunity development is our “Glimpse of the Future” event series. This innovative format gives five companies 20 minutes each to present before breaking into groups to progress as workshops. Our first event will run on 16 April in Moorgate. Future events will focus on the topics of Cybersecurity, BIM, Infrastructure Financing and Planning.

Key to our philosophy is that to add value one must truly believe in the products and services represented. At ABS we provide a framework within which to structure client engagements and to share trusted networks with others operating in a similar capacity.