Andy Candler, Creative Engine

Phil is really good at spotting opportunities and putting the right people together to create success. Call it whatever you want; sales, networking, common sense, but he has the skills in making sure that he is talking to the right people at the right time. I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil for over 20 years and his latest venture, ABSolutely, provides us with insight & direction into markets we normally would not explore.

Zoe Madams-Anstey, Mace

I worked with Phil developing the planning systems for the London 2012 Olympic Games. He provided us the detail and then the systems to plan the biggest Olympic Games in history. Without his guidance, knowledge and persistence convincing the London Organising Commitee for the Olympic Games to change their original systems and software we would have never acheieved what we did with the programme.

Will Bentley, Horizon Nuclear Power

I’ve known Phil for several years and he has provided me with software and consultancy services on some major programmes including Heathrow and HS2 Ltd. Phil is industrious, tenacious, accommodative and reliable. He has indepth knowledge of the programme management market and key stakeholders. A true professional.

Richard Robson, Project Pilots

I’ve known Phil for the last decade; over that time he’s been my account manager, my supplier and my friend. His enthusiasm, diligence and sheer energy is evident in each role as is his sincerity. His grasp of technical matters is a breath of fresh air for those that buy software and support from him. I can’t predict where the next decade will take him professionally, but I’m confident that our friendship is a lasting one and that is surely the very best of recommendations.

Tim Hannon, Deltek Founder

I’ve known Phil for several years now. He is extremely talented with a true devotion to providing solution based application software to his end customers that will make them more profitable. He holds himself and others to very high standards and consistently drives positive results.

Richard Rowberry, BP

I have known Phil for over 10 years since his days with Pertmaster and can say that his dedication and product knowledge on both the Primavera and Acumen Software Platforms is second to none. Any company who uses Phil will be guided in the right direction with his exceptional knowledge and experience.

Panicos Georghiades, University of Wales

Phil is an innovator, someone who can see the future and someone who makes things happen!

Jean-Pierre Chabert, GE Aviation

I have been working with Phil through MBDA since 2012 on the Acumen Fuse solutions, for software sales and subsequent support.  Phil has always been a very helpful professional and generally a good person to deal with. His knowledge of his products is extensive and he’ll always make sure we are making good use of them, whilst maintaining an excellent relationship with his customers. I’d definitely recommend Phil and his products for any prospective companies.

Sarah Purdham, Prima Uno

We have worked with Phil since June 2013. The service we have received on every occasion has been exceptional. Phil goes the extra mile to ensure you are entirely satisfied with his product. We have received great advice, training and brilliant after care. I’d recommend any business to use Phil’s products knowing that they will receive excellent customer service.

Ade Miller, Intelligent Distributed Systems

Phil and I worked together selling and supporting VBA customers in the UK and Europe. Phil was one of the most tenacious and enthusiastic people I have worked with. He always wanted what was right for not only Summit Software but also it’s customer and our partner Microsoft. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Phil again.

William Foulds, Redstone Risk

I have used Phil on a number of occassions for software sales and training support. He has always been a true professional who has been very efficient and always keen to help. His knowledge of Primavera products has been great and I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Phil.

Allen Jansen van Rensburg, Sasol

If I could summerize Phil in one word it would be “exceptional!”.Walking the extra mile for your client needs new definition! I was working in South Africa at a local Petro-Chemical Plant and we had to increase our knowledge base on working on Mega Projects in leaps and bounds. Although Phil was based in the UK, he left no stone unturned to make our business needs a reality! What he created was a “personal” relationship with his Clients that outstreches any company name! Phil gives new meaning to the saying Trust is earned and not commanded. It is 6 years since my first introduction to Phil and the relationships he facilitated are still as strong as it were 6 years ago. This alone is proof of his Character and value to any company he supports or runs. It is people like Phil that makes technologies available to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Andy Donlan

I have known Phil Shatz for a number of years now and has assisted me on all Primavera / Pertmaster Issues from Business Development to Technical Assistance for various oil Companies. Phil’s attention to detail is quite remarkable as are his communication skills. I would have no problem in recommending Phil to any organisation.

Nigel Gibbons

Phil is a fountain of knowledge and with a breadth of experience in core aspects of IT. A charismatic American who has fully acclimatised to a British marketplace bringing the best of what we often envy in the American tenacity and charisma underpinned by a shrewd business mind. Phil has an enviable networking ability and communication skills; and he’s a great chap!

Stig Arne Andersen, DeepOcean

Phil is a very eager salesperson who is a very good representative for Pertmaster. He does not take lightly on the follow-up of Client’s and he gives very good feedback to his Clients. I have a good relationship with Phil as a salesperson and look forward to the process in front of us wrt Pertmaster Risk Expert.

Martin Born,  Microsoft

During his time at Summit Phil was involved in getting Navision on board the VSIP program for Microsoft. Phil really kept pushing to close the deal and demonstrated his commitment in meeting the requirements of Navision.

Greg Sikes, IBM

Phil provided valuable contributions to Telelogic’s efforts to better understand and work alongside of Microsoft’s development tools strategy. His indepth knowledge of Microsoft, their tools, and market directions is very useful in helping guide our work.

Paul Smith-Keitley

Coordinated the Creative Labs AWE launch project with Phil. The impact the presentation made on the audience was incredible. Phil worked to extra tight deadlines and went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect and went off without any glitches. The consummate professional….

Peter Plamondon

While I was at Microsoft, Phil and I often worked with the same partners who were using VSIP and VBA technologies. Phil was very effective working with partners, turning opportunities into business relationships and shipping products.

David Topping

I found working with Phil made it easier to get the necessary insight into Microsoft’s programs for VBA in order to make good business decisions. Phil understood OUR business enough to help us make profit out of our relationship.

Fons Habes

“For three years Phil and I worked closely as the core of the Summit EMEA team. During this time we spoke daily about opportunities, tactics and how to get the most mileage out of our many contacts within Microsoft throughout the EMEA region. Phil is a loyal team player, dedicated to satisfy his customers! I look forward to working with him again at some point in the future.”

Tom Harris, Red Gate Software

Phil had great enthusiasm and was always available to help out Red Gate with any problems we had.

Adrian Bott

I had set up an early web-site for the owners of a marketing product, the Z-CARD, and we wanted to explore ways of depicting the 3-dimensional product with movement. Phil listened, gave us ideas and produced high quality animations that really lifted the site. Inspiring stuff when this technology was so new and unexplored.

Petter Schatvet

Phil is the hungriest and most effective salesperson I have ever come across. Combine that with solid technical expertise and a passion for what he does makes him a solid performer.

Doug Wolfgram, CareSpan

I worked with Phil during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Phil provided some of the most creative and technologically advanced work of the time. His work for Intel and Lotus set new standards for interactive multimedia and much of his work is still referenced by today’s newer generation of multimedia producers.

Bill Fisher,  Deputy County Executive, Onondaga County, New York, USA

Phil made important contributions to our successful expansion in Europe. He worked closely with numerous customers in his territory. Phil’s performance in closing sales opportunities was outstanding. Customer satisfaction with Phil’s work was very high. I strongly recommend Phil to any organization seeking a dynamic individual with proven expertise in sales and business development.

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